Third Party Services (3PS)

Analyze transactions from different angles. Subuno's integrated tools and solutions provide risk analysis and additional insights to your transactions.

Risk Scoring

Returns a score based on the riskiness of the transaction.

IP Geolocation

Pinpoints the location of the customer based on IP address.

Proxy Detection

Flags high risk IP addresses, suspicious proxies, and satellite connections serving high risk geographies.

E-mail Identity Verification

Verifies that the customer’s e-mail address is linked to the customer’s name and address.

E-mail Profile

Provides characteristics such as gender, age, and location associated with the email.

Telephone Profile

Provides information such as phone type (e.g. VOIP, prepaid cell phone) and location associated with the phone number.

Card Profile (BIN)

Provides information on the credit card such as issuing country and card type ( card, debit card, prepaid card).

Website Traffic Information

Provides traffic and linking information to determine legitimacy of company or e-mail domains.

Reverse Address Lookup

Verifies the name(s) associated with the shipping and billing address.


Provides billing and shipping address locations via satellite or street view.

Domain Registration Lookup

Provides the registration information of the website or email domain.

Professional Social Network Lookup

Verifies information such as company affiliation, location, and potential mutual connections on LinkedIn.