Subuno Integrations and API

For merchants using Yahoo Stores, Shopify, or BigCommerce, installation takes a few minutes and does not require the Subuno API. Subuno mods/extenstions for CubeCart, Magento, osCommerce, PrestaShop, and Zen Cart are also available. Please email us for more details.

The Subuno API sends order information and receives an “Accept/Reject/Manual Review” response based on the rules and settings of your account. Sample libraries to call the API are available in Java, PHP, Python, .NET, and Ruby. Visit our Github Page for more details. See below for full list of inputs and outputs.

Using the API

1. Queries are made via HTTP GET requests:

Sends Subuno license key, billing zip, IP address, and order number to Subuno.

2. Responses are serialized in JSON:

"ref_code": "EPIM7XNYZU",
"t_id": 13425

Subuno returns a simplified accept/reject/manual_review response based on your settings, a unique ref_code, and the merchant order number if passed. Use the ref_code to access that order within Subuno:[insert ref_code]/

3. Order status webhook sends status updates to a designated URL:

Sends the order number, reference code, and updated action to URL example. Order status changed from review to accept.

Subuno API Inputs/Outputs

The Subuno API requires a valid license key and at least one piece of input in order. Sending more information will allow you take advantage of more rule settings and fraud prevention tools.


Field Name Description
apikey Your Subuno account license key
t_id Your internal transaction ID
ip_addr IP address of the customer
customer_name First and last name of the customer
phone Phone number of the customer
email E-mail address of the customer
company Customer's company/organization (for B2B use)
price Total price of the transaction
iin The first six digits of the customer's credit card (also known as BIN)
bill_street1 Street address of billing address
bill_street2 Street address of billing address
bill_city City of billing address
bill_state State/Region of billing address
bill_country Country of billing address
bill_zip Zip/Postal of billing address
ship_name First and last name of the delivery recipient
ship_phone Phone number of the delivery receipient
ship_email Email address of the delivery receipient
ship_street1 Street address of shipping address
ship_street2 Street address of shipping address
ship_city City of shipping address
ship_state State/Region of shipping address
ship_country Country of shipping address
ship_zip Zip/Postal of shipping address
avs_response AVS response code returned by your processor
cvv_response CVV response code returned by your processor (DO NOT SEND THE ACTUAL CVV value)
custom1 Custom field to pass custom data parameters
custom2 Custom field to pass custom data parameters
custom3 Custom field to pass custom data parameters
issuer_phone The customer service number of the issuing bank of the credit card used
source Partner ID assigned by Subuno.


Field Name Description
action The action flag determined by the business rules for your account
ref_code Subuno generated unique ID for each transaction
t_id Your internal transaction ID. Only will show if this field was submitted as an input