Streamlining Fraud Screening

Subuno makes fraud screening easier by offering a single cloud platform for everything you need to fight fraudsters.

Cloud SaaS

Get started right away. Leverage multiple fraud screening tools and solutions using a single platform. No software to install, maintain, or update.

Rules/Decision Engines

Create and manage your filters easily using Subuno without needing help from IT or writing any code. Process transactions automatically based on business rules you create.EXAMPLE

3rd Party Tools (3PS)

Protect yourself with a wide variety of industry leading tools and solutions. Choose what service you want and pay for what you use. No long term contracts.EXAMPLE

Manual Review Portal

Review transactions faster by having all the relevant data, analysis, triggered rules on the same screen automatically. You can also make manual calls to third party services and further analyze your transactions by applying additional data and your existing rules.EXAMPLE

Manual Entry or Automated API

Add new transactions manually or use our API to automatically send your transactions to Subuno for processing.EXAMPLE


Obtain a quick snapshot of your business' performance everyday through daily reports. Or gain insights into emerging risk trends as well as third party services performances.EXAMPLE