Protect Your Store in Minutes

Subuno helps you automate your order screening and speed up order review. Connect your online store to Subuno in minutes and get access to 100+ filter combinations and 15+ order validation tools.


Customer places online order.

Using a Subuno App or API, order details are sent automatically to Subuno.


Subuno checks the order and returns an action flag - accept, reject, or review.

Filter orders based on order attributes (e.g. bad AVS) and risk indicators (e.g. fraud shipping address ).


Quickly validate orders with Subuno's Review Dashboard that brings all the relevant data and fraud checks on the same page.

Simplifying Your Process

Subuno allows you to screen orders the way you want to without having to develop your own internal risk decision engine. Our intuitive cloud software allows you to setup both simple and complex filters with just a few clicks without having to write any code. Or use our template filters to get started right away.

Subuno Decision Engine

Subuno takes all your orders and separates them into simple actionable responses based on how you want your orders screened and available risk data. Manage your fraud filters in the cloud and make changes to your screening flow in real-time without any technical knowledge needed.

Multi-layered Protection Without the Costs

To fight fraud successfully, large merchants on average leverage 4-6 different fraud tools. However, using multiple services can be expensive and not all orders require the same amount of scrutiny or even need to be checked. Subuno allows you to customize your filters and workflow so that only higher risk transactions require additional fraud checks. You end up paying less while still being protected by a multi-layered system. In addition, leverage both positive and negative indicators to reduce the number of orders that need to be manually reviewed.


Built-in rules/filters

    Sample Filters:
  • Low risk profiles
  • IP geolocation
  • Velocity monitoring
  • High risk shipping addresses
  • Community Alerts


Third party tools and services

    Sample Tools:
  • Device tracking
  • IP reputation and proxy detection
  • Social network data analysis
  • Email creation date
  • BIN validation


Manual review and validation

    Sample Validations:
  • Identity verification
  • Reverse, name, phone, address data
  • Related order searches and linking